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Branded Cruise Website Terms & Conditions

1)      SUMMARY:

This page sets out the terms and conditions upon which Noble White will provide non-exclusive access for Travel Agent customers to the Branded Website customised so as to appear as part of the Travel Agent website.


a)      The Travel Agent website shall mean any site operated by the Travel Agent

b)      Branded Website shall mean the restricted availability site operated by Noble White at http://www.brandedcruise.com/

c)      Front Page shall mean the lead or link page to the Branded Website

d)      Header means a file of an acceptable size containing the html code and Travel Agent logo to appear at the top of every web page on the Branded Website.

e)      Footer means the agreed wording to appear at the bottom of every web page on the Branded Website. This would normally include the standard disclaimer statement.

f)      HTML or html means Hypertext Markup Language

g)      URL means Uniform Resource Locator – the address shown in web browser address bar

h)      ISP means Internet Service Provider.


a)      If required, a dedicated Travel Agent Front Page incorporating a Travel Agent provided header and footer as agreed between Noble White and the Travel Agent and the standard Branded Site front page text.

b)      Links from this Front Page to the other pages and database on the Branded Website.  When displayed from these links, these pages will display the Travel Agent header, the standard Branded Website text and the agreed footer.  The “Home” link displayed on each page can take visitors back to the Travel Agent website or to the standard Branded Site Front Page as preferred.

c)      A press button link on the Cruise Details pages to an Enquiry Form for the period up to the subscription level taken.  Upon completion of the Form by the customer, the contact details and the selected cruise details will be forwarded immediately to Travel Agent by email.

d)      All pages and search boxes supplied will be in HTML ready for display as a full page or within a frame on the <Travel Agent> website.

e)      Noble White will not be responsible for the results of any re-processing by the Travel Agent or its website designers of these pages or the URL’s displayed on the Travel Agent website.


a)      A Travel Agent Front Page on their own site containing the links from this Front Page to the other pages and database on the Branded Website, or

b)      A link to the Front Page on the Branded Website from the Travel Agent website - Travel Agent to arrange web forwarding with an ISP if you do not wish to use http://www.brandedcruise.com/ in the link address. The format and presentation of this link to be agreed by Noble White.

c)      A header (if required) including The Travel Agent name, logo and other promotional material. The Travel Agent warrants that adequate permissions for the use of any logos or pictures used in the header or footer have been obtained and will indemnify Noble White against any claims or charges for the use of those logos or pictures.

d)      An email address for forwarding of all enquiry forms.

e)      Billing address details.


a)      This service is limited to customers of Travel Agent who visit the Branded Website via the link from the Travel Agent site.

b)      Travel Agent staff may use the Branded Website to provide customer information to  customers.


a)      Access to the Branded Website will normally be provided for 24 hours per day subject to ISP availability and performance and periodic database updates.

b)      Travel Agent access to the Branded Website and database is not exclusive except for any header and all enquiries generated from Travel Agent visitors


a)      The information provided on the Branded Website from the database is based on research using cruise company brochures and other material, reference books, newspaper articles and personal experience.

b)      Cruise dates and itineraries are extracted from cruise line brochures available in the UK, electronic files provided by the cruise lines and information available on the Internet for the cruise lines listed here according to the index of lines you select.

c)      Best endeavours will be made to update the database as soon as practical after the issue of new brochures and to maintain cruise schedules at least 12 months in advance.

d)      The above does not preclude the inclusion of further cruise lines and schedules on the database.


a)      Branded Site subscription rates are provided based on service, customisation and activity levels. The current rates are set out under Prices above - all are payable in advance.

b)      A setup cost is payable in advance depending on the subscription service taken.

c)      Distribution of email enquiries to more than two recipients requiring additional programming and will be subject to extra charge.

d)     Noble White will submit invoices by email 10 days prior to the start of the next subscription period.

e)        Payment by the Travel Agent will be made before the commencement of the subscription period.

f)      Subscription rates are subject to regular review and may be changed by agreement with the Travel Agent.


a)      The personal contact data on the Enquiry Forms will be collected on behalf of and forwarded to the Travel Agent.  Noble White will retain summary information for billing and statistical purposes. Contact information will not be disclosed to third parties unless Noble White are legally required to do so and it will be deleted from our records after three months.

b)      The link address for the Branded Website is available to the Travel Agent only and cannot be given to or used by other parties except as agreed by us.

c)      The content of the Website remains the property and copyright of Noble White.


a)      This subscription can be terminated by thirty days notice from either party given in writing or by Email.

b)      The service may be terminated or suspended in the event of any breach of these terms and conditions or any payment being overdue by more than 7 days.


a)      Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on the Branded Website, Noble White cannot be liable for any errors, omissions or the unavailability of any particular cruise or facility.

b)      Noble White advise the Travel Agent to verify the departure dates, cruise details and pre and post cruise arrangements with the cruise line before quoting on an enquiry received from the Branded website.

c)      Noble White will do its best to provide a 24 hour per day service but failure, cessation or disruption of the service of the ISP that hosts the Branded Website is outside our control and liability for the impact of any such failure, cessation or disruption cannot be accepted.

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