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Anjajavy - Madagascar Highlights:
Dry deciduous forests
Anjajavy is situated on the Indian Ocean coast of northwest Madagascar. It is surrounded by the Anjajavy Forest and provides the habitat for many rare and endangered species. This forest consists of roughly 50 square kilometres and occupies much of the land peninsula upon which Anjajavy village lies. The peninsula is bounded by Majajamba Bay to the south and Narinda Bay to the north. There are a variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and arthropods present within the Anjajavy Forest.

The forest canopy contains numerous species of deciduous trees, including at least two species of baobab, Adansonia rubrostipa and Adansonia madagascariensis. Lemurs are abundant in the trees and even sometimes on the forest floor. The tsingy caves provide special habitat for the bats of this region, offering cool shelter. There is abundandant birdlife present in the Anjajavy Forest. One of the most notable is the Madagascar Fish Eagle. Other raptors present in the forest are the Madagascar harrier hawk and the Madagascar cuckoo falcon. Some of the other bird species are the Helmeted guinea fowl, White throated rail, Glossy ibis, Madagascar White Ibis, Greater flamingo Broad-billed roller, Madagascar wagtail, Madagascar bulbul, Madagascar hoopoe, White-headed vanga, Crested drongo and the Pied crow. An assortment of chameleons, lizards and snakes occur are also found here.

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