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Anzio - Italy Highlights:
The Imperial Villa, Old Roman Port, WW2 cemeteries, Rome
Anzio is a small resort town and busy fishing port just 25 miles (40km) from Rome. Damaged during the famous allied landings of 1944 it has been pleasingly rebuilt and has a British and American war cemetery nearby. There are excellent fish restaurants and beaches but in the main it is a gateway to Rome, Italy's capital and 'Eternal City', a living monument to a 3,000-year history that shaped the civilisation of our Western world.

Nevertheless there are some places of interest in and around Anzio. Roman remains in the area include The Imperial Villa that was built by the Emperor Nero along the coast of Lazio, the Theatre and the old Port. More recent buildings include three historic villas: Villa Adele, Villa Albani, Villa Sarsina all with noble connections. The main churches in the town are St Teresa built 1926 to 1939, and St Antonio dating from 1855. If you like to gamble the beautiful Art Nouveau Paradiso sul Mare, built in 1924, is the local casino. Nearby is the Tor Caldara reserve - an example of a Mediterranean wood also rich in fauna, including turtles.From Anzio you can also visit the excavations of Ostia Antica, Tarquinia and the Etruscan Tombs.

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