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Baie des Ha! Ha! - Canada, Quebec Highlights:
La Baie, Chicotoumi, Dramatic scenery
Alternative Port:  La Baie   - click for cruises that visit this port.

The Baie des Ha ! Ha ! Lies on the Saguenay River some 125 miles (200km) north of Quebec City. It was named after the the story of a woman holding a child in her arms that had tried to pass by the base of Cap l'Orignal while the tide was rising. To avoid drowning, she had to hold on to the cliff and her child fell into the river and disappeared. It is said that then and later she could hear he waves lulling her child to sleep with the noise Ha! Ha! Ha!

There are two towns on the Bay - La Baie and Chicotoumi. La Baie is a natural harbour and became a major port on the Atlantic coast and its maritime history is on display at The Musee du Fjord. Chicotoumi sits nestled between mountains and here you can visit La Pulperie, once the world's biggest pulp mill, and now home to the House of Arthur Velleneuve and the Museede Saguenay - Lac St Jean that features local history and native indian artefacts.

The Saguenay river in southern Quebec is about 105 miles long and rises in Lac St-Jean and flows south-east into the St Lawrence River, at Tadoussac. The river mouth is a breeding and feeding area for several different kinds of whales. The Saguenay is navigable for large ships up to Chicoutimi passing fiord-like between precipitous cliffs, which are more than 488 m (1,600 ft) high at Capes Eternity and Trinity. The scenic Saguenay Valley attracts many tourists in summer.

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