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Baranof Island - USA, Alaska Highlights:
Salmon Hatcheries
Baranof Island, also sometimes called Baranov Island or Sitka Island, is an island in the Alaska Panhandle. The island measures 100 miles (160km) by 30 miles (48 km) at its longest and widest points respectively and is the most mountainous island in the Alexander Archipelago.The towns of Port Alexander, Baranof Warm Springs, Port Armstrong, and Port Walter are located on the eastern side of the island. Goddard, a now-abandoned settlement about 16 miles south of Sitka, features a few private homes and hot springs with two public bathhouses. There are also three year-round salmon hatcheries, one located just north of Port Alexander at Port Armstrong, another located just north of Baranof Warm Springs at Hidden Falls, the other just south of Sitka near Medvejie Lake.

The first European settlement on island was established in 1799 by Alexandr Baranov, Chief Manager and first Governor of the Russian-American Company, for whom the Island and Archipelago are named. Baranof Island was the center of Russian activity in North America during the period from 18041867 and was the headquarters of the Russian fur-trading interest.

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