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Barra Lodge - Mozambique Highlights:
Beaches, snorkelling, mangroves, Inhambane
Barra Lodge is situated in one of the most picturesque areas in Mozambique, with spectacular views of pristine beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. It is situated 485km north of Maputo and about 30 minutes from Inhambane. The area is relatively dry but the rainy season is between November and March and usually occurs as short, sharp showers. Temperatures can be up to 30C in summer and 22C in winter. Sea water temperature varies from 23C to 29C Apart from the great beaches, you can snorkel along the reef and enjoy the myriad of colourful reef fish, fascinating corals, and other marine life. Commonly seen are Mantas, Whale sharks, turtles and for the lucky a sighting of the rare Dugong. Adjacent to Barra Beach Lodge are salt water mangroves. This ecosystem is made up of a fascinating chain of pioneering and sacrificial plants together with a huge array of crustaceans as well as flocks of Flamingos. Nearby the city of Inhambane is steeped in history. First founded by Vasco da Gama in 1534 it was the most southerly slave port used by the Arabs. The cathedrals, the old colonial Portuguese architecture, the African culture and local market places all make it a fascinating town to browse around.

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