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Chiclayo - Peru Highlights:
Lambayeque, Sipán complex, Tucume complex
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The city of Chiclayo lies 100 miles (160 km) northwest of Trujillo in northern Peru. Founded in 1560 as a rural Indian village it has become the leading commercial centre of the Lambayeque region and a city with many parks, gardens and a large marketplace. Around the Plaza de Armas you will find a 19th century neoclassical Cathedral, the Plalcioi Municipal and the Club de la Union.

About 8 miles northwest is the town of Lambayeque, noted for its narrow streets lined by colonial and republican houses with wooden balconies. This is also home to the Bruning Museum and the collection Moche tomb funerary objects and local artefacts collected from the nearby ancient twin pyramid complex of Sipán. This is one of the most significant recent archaelogical finds in South America. More than 1,500 years ago, the Moche civilization practiced an advanced form of agriculture and excelled in the manufacture of metallurgical and ceramic items. One of the best representations of the remarkable material wealth of the Moche people is seen at The Tomb of the Lord of Sipan, a fairly recent discovery, and noted for the tremendous amount of ornate jewelry and ceramics discovered therein.

Twenty miles north of Chiclayo is the complex of Tucume, the ruins of a vast city built over 1000 years ago. Unearthed partly by Thor Heyerdahl, it features 26 giant adobe pyramids, platformed mounds, walled citadels and residential compounds flanking a ceremonial centre.

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