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Corinth - Greece Highlights:
Ancient Corinth, Acropolis, Acrocorinth
Alternative Port:  Piraeus   - click for cruises that visit this port.

One of ancient Greece's most prosperous cities, Corinth strategically linked the Ionian and Aegean Seas - today it is a modern town with a nice harbour but concrete buildings dominate. The village and ruins of Ancient Corinth lie 7km southwest of the town where an enormous acropolis was built by the Greeks and later expanded by the Romans. View the 5th century BC Doric Temple of Apollo, a large agora (forum), stoa, Julian Basilica and Lower Peirene fountain. High above the ruins is Acrocorinth, a fine natural fortification with a mix of Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish buildings topped by the Temple of Aphrodite on the highest peak.

During the 6th century BC, Corinth became wealthy from the twin ports it was able to build on the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The Corinthians were known for their many talents including the making of fine clay figurines, bronze statues and glass. They lived a life of luxury and were known throughout the ancient world for their abundance of courtesans who practiced sacred prostitution in the Temple of Aphrodite. Under the Romans, St. Paul preached Christianity to all who lived in Corinth including the Pagans and Jews. In 1858, a violent earthquake destroyed most of the town, but many of the structures of the acropolis were saved.

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