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Cosmoledo Atoll - Seychelles Highlights:
Astove, Beaches, Snorkelling, Diving, Green Turtles
Cosmoledo Atoll comprises 12 tiny islands including Astove in the Aldabra Group, about 650 miles (1,100 km) southwest of the Seychelles, of which it is part. Set in a shallow blue lagoon and surrounded by a multitude of tiny coral heads, it offers a wonderland of beaches, snorkelling and wall diving experiences. These grass covered islands are also an extraordinary haven for bird life. Astove, however, is flat, low and completely covered in coco palms and is a great spot for diving.

Some of the largest hard coral formations in the Seychelles are found along these wilderness reefs, along with huge gorgonian fans and massive barrel sponges. Inquisitive potato bass, dog tooth tuna and jacks swim in and out of view. The settlement reef off the island of Astove bears witness to the transient passage of man with an impressive array of discarded chains and anchors from ships which unsuccessfully tried to anchor on the vertical walls. Green turtles abound as do shoals of iridescent fish and hammerhead sharks occasionally appear out of the blue. There is a good chance of spotting mantas or mating turtles. Giant morays seem to inhabit every nook and cranny in the reef with their busy cleaner shrimp.

There are no cruises currently listed for this port of call.

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