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D Entrecasteaux Islands - Papua New Guinea Highlights:
Fergusson, Goodenough, Normanby, Dobu, Panniet, Nivani
The D'Entrecasteaux Islands lie off Milne Bay, on the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea. The group consists of three large islands (Fergusson, Goodenough and Normanby) and some smaller including Dobu. They are famed as some of the mostly steeply-sided islands in the world, as well as being one of the last haunts of cannibals. They are mountainous and with several extinct volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers. Subsistence income on the islands is centred around trade in coconuts and pearl shells. The surrounding ocean is rich in marine life, being home to whales, dolphin and dugong.

Fergusson Island is renowned for its hot springs, mud pools, geysers and extinct volcanoes. Not far from the main township of Sanaroa, the islanders still follow ancestral traditions and cook meals in a beachside lake of boiling water. In the centre of Goodenough Island there is a large stone decorated with mysterious paintings. In Deboyne Atoll is Panniet Island - good for nature hikes and snorkelling and diving. At Nivani, you can snorkel near the wreck of a Japanese Zero and at Dobu the Dei Dei Hot Springs.

The islands were named after the French explorer Antoine Raymond Joseph de Bruni D'Entrecasteaux who visited the islands in 1793 after his exploration of the Tasmanian coastline.

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