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Deseado - Argentina Highlights:
Remote Patagonia, Wildlife Reserve, Petrified Forest
Deseado sits at the mouth of the Deseado River on the coast of the Santa Cruz Province in south western Argentina. Santa Cruz is a region of constant winds and dust storms which sweep over its dry tablelands and its arid, precipitous coast. Charles Darwin, when exploring the end of the Ría Deseado in 1833, said "I don't remember havig seen such a remote place far away from the rest of the world but this rocky crack in the middle of the vast plain. "

From Puerto Deseado you can visit Ria Deseado Natural Reservation, which has the most diverse fauna on the Patagonian coast. Here you can see dolphins, sea lions, cormorants, terns and grebes. At Isla de los Pájaros, you can see penguins, oystercatchers and Kelp gulls. You can also explore Ria Deseado to its end, sailing across the Deseado River Gaps, where you can see Red-Backed Hawks, Crested Caracaras, Guanacos and Chilean Flamingos or visit the Petrified Forest Natural Monument and see the biggest fossil trees in the world that are 150 million years old. Further afield travel to the Natural Reservation Cabo Blanco to see Guanacos, Choiques, Maras and then climb to the lighthouse to appreciate the excellent view sea views.

Puerto Deseado was discovered in 1586 by Thomas Cavendish on his circumnavigation of the world. A Spanish settlement here lasted from 1780 to 1807, but three years later it was gone.

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