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Disko Island - Greenland Highlights:
Seabird cliffs
Alternative Port:  Ilulissat   - click for cruises that visit this port.

Disko Island (also Qeqertarsuatsiaq) is a large island in Baffin Bay, off the west coast of Greenland. It is the second largest island of Greenland (after the main island of Greenland) and one of the 100 largest islands in the world. The name Qeqertarsuaq means The Large Island and the port of Qeqertarsuaq (also known as Godhavn) lies on its southern coast. The island is separated from Nuussuaq Peninsula in the northeast by the Sullorsuaq Strait and to the south of the island lies Disko Bay, an inlet bay of Baffin Island.

Eric the Red paid the first recorded visit to Disko Island at some time between 982 and 985 and it may have been used as a base for summer hunting and fishing by Viking colonists. On the north side of Disko Island is Kugangup Innarta, a seabird cliff on the east side of a valley with a row of Pingo's (periglacial phenomena). Flakkerhuk, on the east side boasts several points along the coast, like Narujuk and Modderbugt where you can observe a population of birds typical to the High Arctic, with species such as Long-tailed Skuas, Turnstones and Grey Phalaropes. The birds breed on a beautiful tundra landscape backed by basalt cliffs.

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