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Duluth - USA, Minnesota Highlights:
Aquarium, Ore Boat Museum, Depot Museum, Bayfront Park
Duluth shares a harbour with the town of Superior that is situated at the head of the Great Lakes system and is a major outlet for the raw materials of the upper midwestern United States. The waterfront Bayfront Park is landscaped and features a three mile long promenade, rose garden and traditional steam powered laker. A University city, Duluth's cultural resources include an art institute, a ballet company, a playhouse, and a symphony orchestra. The city's Depot Museum is housed in a chateau style late 19th century stone station and contains a great collection of railway exhibits. It is also the start of a scenic lakeshore tourist train ride. Other places of interest include the Aquarium, Ore Boat Museum and the rocky bluffs that rise to heights of more than 600ft (180 m) above the lake.

The area was first occupied by Sioux and Ojibwa and visited by French explorers and trappers, including Daniel Greysolon, sieur Duluth, after whom the city is named. A fur-trading post was established here in 1672 and was taken over by the American Fur Company in 1817. Permanent white settlement on the site began in 1852 and expanded over the next 20 years with the opening of the Soo Locks at Sault Sainte Marie, the arrival of the first railway, and the cutting of the Duluth ship canal, improving the harbour's lake access. Port traffic increased even more with the opening in 1959 of the St Lawrence Seaway.

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