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Gambia River - Gambia Highlights:
Wildlife, Slave trade sites
This Gambia River is approximately 700 miles (1130km) long, rising in Northern Guinea, flowing generally west through southeast Senegal and then dissecting The Gambia to the Atlantic Ocean at Banjul. It is often said that the Gambia River is Gambia and Gambia is the river Gambia - the country is a strip of land along both banks. The river is navigable in most of its length passing Tendaba. Ocean-going vessels can reach Kuntaur about 175 miles (280 km) but further upstream is Janjangbureh Island home to Georgetown. The river provides access to interior sections of Senegal and Guinea. The river is tidal 460 km upstream of Banjul and forms the greater part of the boundary between The Gambia and Senegal.

Up river, the water wildlife is more interesting where you can see crocodiles, dolphins and hippos. The main feature along the river is the incredible variety of birds and most of the bird trips are boat trips along the creeks of The Gambia at dawn or dusk. You can visit the Kiang West National Park and spot patas monkeys, guinea baboons and yellow-green vervet monkeys or the village of Albreda, where you can visit the ruins of a former slave depot. Near the mouth of the river, near Juffure, is St James Island, a place used in the slave trade which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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