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Hainan Island - China Highlights:
Beaches, Tropical landscapes, Haikou
Alternative Port:  Haikou   Sanya   Xin Xing   - click for cruises that visit this port.

Hainan Island is the Hawaii of China, a large tropical island in the South China Sea lying south of the Chinese mainland and just off the coast of Vietnam. It is the second largest island and the southernmost province of China and is about 257 km (160 miles) long and about 145 km (90 miles) wide - its long coastline contains numerous bays and natural harbours and some great beaches. This is an agricultural island but it is also a resort, known for its mild climate and sun-drenched beaches and a handful of historical sights. The capital city is Haikou.

The southern half features a series of mountain chains, the highest of which, Mount Wu-chih, is 1,829 m (6,000 ft) high. The region has many extinct volcanoes, but many of the slopes and valleys are covered with dense tropical vegetation. Numerous rivers and streams cascade out of the mountains and their is a rich and varied animal life and including deer, gibbons, and snakes. One of the most interesting daytime activities is to hike into the forest areas to visit hillside villages of the Li and Miao ethnic groups, which comprise about 15% of the island's population.

Troops from the ancient Han dynasty were the first to reach this southern island, and later during the Tang Dynasty, unfavoured scholars and politicians were sent here in exile.

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