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Ocean Ports: Antarctica Please click on the name to see a description and a list of cruises visiting this port.
Name Country Highlights
Adelaide Island Antarctica Rothera Station
Aitcho Islands Antarctica Gentoo and chinstrap penguins
Antarctic Experience Antarctica Antarctic Experience
Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica Petermann Island, Neumayer Channel, Paradise Harbour, Lemaire Channel
Antarctic Sound Antarctica Brown Bluff, Hope Bay, Tabarin Peninsula, Errera Channel
Anvers Island Antarctica Antarctic Peninsula, Palmer Station
Astrolabe Island Antarctica Fulmars, Penguins, seals
Balleny Islands Antarctica Rugged, remote glacierized islands
Bellingshausen Sea Antarctica
Bouvet Island Norway Glacial remote island
Bransfield Strait Antarctica South Shetland Islands
Brown Bluff Antarctica Adelie & Gentoo penguins
Cape Adare Antarctica Victoria Land, Adele Penguins
Cape Evans Antarctica Scott Memorial
Cape Hallett Antarctica Victoria Land, Adele Penguins, Abandoned Base
Cape Lookout South Shetland Islands Glaciers, penguins, seals
Cape Roget Antarctica Emperor Penguin rookery
Cape Royds Antarctica Shackleton Explorer huts
Cape Washington Antarctica Emperor Penguins
Charlotte Bay Antarctica Charlotte Bay hut, Leopard Seals, Crabeater Seals and Minke Whales.
Commonwealth Bay Antarctica Cape Denison, Port Martin, Dumont Dúrville
Coronation Island South Orkney Islands Shingle Cove, Adele penguins, Sunshine Glacier
Coulman Island Antarctica Emperor Penguins, volcano
Crystal Sound Antarctica Antarctic Peninsula, high mountains and huge glaciers
Cuverville Island Antarctica Gentoo penguins
Danco Island Antarctica
Deception Island South Shetland Islands Volcanic caldera waters, Whaler’s Bay , Pendulum Cove
Detaille Island Antarctica Abandoned British Research Station, Adelie Penguins
Devil Island (Ant) Antarctica Adelie penguins
Drake Passage Seas Petrels, Albatrosses
Drygalski Ice Tongue Antarctica Franklin Island, Adélie Penguins, breeding skuas.
Elephant Island South Shetland Islands Glaciers, penguins, seals
Elsehul Bay South Georgia Island Fur Seal colony, Stromness
Enterprise Island Antarctica Antarctic Terns, wrecked whaling ship
Esperanza Station Antarctica Argentinian Research Station
Gold Harbour South Georgia Island King Penguins, Petrels
Greenwich Island Antarctica Yankee Harbour, Gentoo penguins
Grytviken South Georgia Island Museum, Shackleton's grave, King Penguins, Albatross
Half Moon Island Antarctica Chinstrap penguins, Argentine Navy base
Hope Bay Antarctica Swedish hut, Adelie penguins, Esperanza
Horseshoe Island Antarctica Historic base camp
Hovgaard Island Antarctica Lemaire Channel, Penguin rookeries
Inexpressible Island Antarctica South Shetland Islands
Intercurrence Island Antarctica South Shetland Islands
James Clark Ross Island Antarctica Volcanic rocks, Hidden Lake
King George Island South Shetland Islands Research Stations
Larsen Ice Shelf Antarctica Icebergs
Lemaire Channel Antarctica Passage through steep cliffs
Livingston Island South Shetland Islands Penguins, seals, birdlife
McMurdo Station Antarctica US Base, Ross Island
Melchior Islands Antarctica Group of many low, ice-covered islands
Mertz Glacier Antarctica Mertz Glacial Tongue
Neko Harbor Antarctica Glacier rimmed harbour
Orne Islands Antarctica Chinstrap penguins, Gerlache Strait
Paradise Harbour Antarctica Ice cliffs, Calving glaciers, penguins
Paulet Island Antarctica Adelie penguins, Swedish hut
Penguin Island South Shetland Islands Petrels and penguins, Deacon Peak
Peter I Island Antarctica
Petermann Island Antarctica Antarctic Peninsula, sheer rock walls
Phantom Coast Antarctica Peter I Island, ice pack
Pleneau Island Antarctica Gentoo penguin, kelp gulls, Blue-eyed shag and Antarctic terns
Port Lockroy Antarctica Neumayer Channel, Wiencke Island, Gentoo rookery
Port Martin Antarctica Ice Shelves, Adelie Penguin rookery
Possession Islands Antarctica Adélie Penguin rookery
Princess Martha Coast Antarctica Towering cliffs of ice, Research Stations, Emperor Penguin rookeries
Ross Sea Antarctica McMurdo Station, Capes Adare, Hallett, Evans and Royds, Coulman Island, Possession Islands
Seymour Island (An) Antarctica Gentoo and chinstrap penguins
Shag Rocks South Georgia Island Perpendicular rocks
Sigma Island Antarctica South Shetland Islands
Snow Hill Island Antarctica Emperor Penguin colony, Weddell Sea
South Georgia Island Antarctica Glaciated peaks, Grytviken, King penguins, reindeer, King Haakon Bay
South Orkney Islands South Orkney Islands Scientific stations, penguins, petrels
South Sandwich Islands Falkland Islands Volcanic islands, glaciers, penguins
South Shetland Islands Antarctica Deception, Elephant, King George, Half Moon, Greenwich, Livingstone islands
Stonington Island Antarctica Historic Site and Monument
Stromness (SG) South Georgia Island Whaling station, seals, penguins
Terra Nova Bay Antarctica Mario Zuchelli Station, Emperor Penguins
Trinity Island Antarctica Mikkelsen Harbour
Weddell Sea Antarctica Ice Shelves, Snow Hill Island, Seymour Island

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